Saturday, 14 April 2012

Computing Empire V: A mammoth Project

Don't panic, I am not trying a new wargaming period/gaming experience. I am only giving notice of the work of steveoc, and old and wise wargamer that has undertaken a colossal task, that in words of the author can be summarized nothing less than: "taking the bulk of Empire V rules, and using this as a specification for a computer moderated application to run Napoleonic Wargames".

I used Empire rules many years ago, in the first 90's, but I gave it up because of its complexity for solo playing and adopted Napoleon's Battles instead. Therefore, I am now very curious about this project so I am waiting with some trepidation the final result. The author has made available his first results, and the 'Interesting Miscellania Blogs' blogroll and the Yahoo group Empire_Napoleonics will keep us up to day of this intriguing (mad?) project.


  1. Vaya. H###S con perdón. Y vaya recuerdos lo de Empire

  2. I think he's a bit crazy too to attempt this, but Steve seems to be making good progress so far!

  3. Thanks for the write up Rafael. I am having a lot of fun working on this, and getting it closer to completion.

    Soon, very soon, it will be available for people to start testing.

    Thank you for your support !!