Saturday, 5 May 2012

The issue No. 15 of ALKAID

The issue No. 15 of ALKAID REVISTA MULTITEMÁTICA is out from May 10.

As many of you will know, the magazine is one of the activities of ALKAID EDICIONES, an editorial effort devoted to the interaction amongst science, literature, poetry, history, environment, voyages, nature.... .You can always find in ALKAID an article focused on one of your interests!

The Issue No. 15 contains three articles related with our hobby

'1812. A back and forth campaign"
written by this humble wargamer in his incarnation as amateur historian. The article covers the main events of  the Wellington's campaign of that year: starting at the Portuguese frontier, Ciudad Rodrigo, Badajoz, Almaraz, Salamanca, Madrid, Burgos... and back to the Portuguese frontier. At a first glance 1812 was a wasted year, but the French domain will never recover from the Allied onslaught.

'The Campaign of Salamanca in a novel of the XIX century' written by Luis Torrecilla, the soul behind the re-enactement of the 'Parallel March' (See this post). The article describes the campaign moves leading to the battle of Salamanca as shown in “The Young Buglers: A Tale of the Peninsular War”, a book written by George Alfred Henty (1832-1902) and published in 1879

The Fifth Anniversary of the Jaca Citadel Miniatures Museum. The Museum, located in the Jaca Citadel and housing an impressive collection with more than 35,000 lead figures at 1/72 scale, has celebrated its fifth year depicting the evolution of the war along the centuries.

In addition to the above ones, there are articles about the Search of Extrasolar Planets, Paleoneurobiology and Human Evolution, The Climate as a Complex System, mountain, poetry, short histories, etc.  all written by scientits and researchers or by specialists.

The magazine is in Spanish and it is available by subscription (24€/year). Go to ALKAID EDICIONES web site,, and download the Subscription Form or contact me in this e-mail address:


  1. Wow - interesting topic and cool cover design for a magazine like that. Best, Dean

  2. What a superb building and an intesting video. The photo makes a great 'template' for building a Vauban fortress. Thanks for posting it Rafa.