Saturday, 26 May 2012

Wethau for Lasalle. The A.A.R.

After a long delay (too many job activities!), I have uploaded to main site the Scenario and the AAR of the combat of Wethau for Lasalle
The result was a Drawn battle in terms of Lasalle conditions, but if the Austrian and French aims are taken in account, the real result was an Austrian tactical victory, because the Augereau IX Corps was delayed in its advance towards the Leipzig rendez-vous.

See also the posts with the label Wethau in this blog to see a day-to-day account of the wargaming refight. The posts also include the previous fight at the Wetha bridge, A Song of Drums and Shakos Scenario, that was also an Austrian victory. The Emperor's aigles are not being lucky!

Next Lasalle scenario (date unknown!) will be a Lasalle refight of Kosen, already fought with my Divisional Napoleon´s Battles home adaptation.

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  1. I wondered what had happened to you, welcome back.


  2. My work is very demanding in ccasions!

  3. Estimado Rafael: he recibido una mención que hacen otros autores de Blog y en consecuencia se me ha pedido que elija 5 blogs de mi preferencia. Lo he hecho con el tuyo ya que en él he encontrado inspiración para mas de un escenario. Saludos cordiales desde la Rep.Argentina