Saturday, 23 June 2012

Craig Taylor passed away

From a post in the Napoleon's Battles Yahoo Group

"Bob Coggins asked me to let everyone know that Craig Taylor passed away this week. Cause of death was undetermined at this time, but will be available later, I'm sure. Bob's computer is down at the moment so he will not be able to respond to any questions on line. We will let everyone know more details as they become available. Craig was a prolific and successful miniatures and board game historical rules writer and co-author of Napoleon's Battles. I've known him since his Avalon Hill days when I was one of the staff playtesters on Avalon Hill's version of the Austrailian Napoleonic game "Empires in Arms," which Craig sheparded through the redesign effort and publication. His integrety and willingness to go the extra mile in game development was well known. He was an amazing game designer and developer with a long list of titles to his credit. The hobby has lost a true professional, a true friend. He will be missed."

The above is the Craig's signature in my Napoleon's Battles (3rd. Ed) copy.

Requiescat In Pace!

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