Saturday, 25 August 2012

A new map for the 'War to the Death' Cyberboard game-box

While enjoying the last days of summer holidays, I have modified the map of the Cyberboard game-box for the old 'War to the Death' boardgame. This out-of-stock boardgame is focused on the Peninsular War and it is very interesting because it is based on serious research and simulates very well the fog-of-war. To play a full Peninsular campaign with this boardgame, has become one of my never-finished and eternal wargaming projects (see more information about Cyberboard and War to the Death at my web site).
The new map follows some of the modifications introduced by MSFoy in my 'War to the Death' game-box, to include Elvas and the sorrounding area in the southern Portugal. You can see both maps below.

This is my old map
This is the modified map

MsFoy is using a similar map as a basis for his Solo Peninsular War Campaign. I recommend strongly the campaign that is now in its 21th week and reaching a very interesting point: Wellington has been dimissed as C-i-C and has been substituted by the London politicians!

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  1. Great to have you back from holidays Rafa!
    That looks like a good map for a Peninsular War campaign. I have done campaigns using the board game "War and Peace" as a basis. The extra level of detail in this map would be more appropriate, while still using the 'zone' basis for the positioning of forces.