Saturday, 10 November 2012

A French TV series about 'The Note-books of Captain Coignet'

A friend of mine posted some days ago in the ALKAID Wargames Forum, a link about a French TV mini-series from year 1969, "Jean Roch Coignet" based on the "Cahiers du Capitain Coignet".
The book is published in English by Greenhill Books, under the title "The note-books of Captain Coignet" (See here for a review)

The above video is part of a Daily-motion account with many other Napoleonic videos and there is also a Youtube reproduction list

All those videos are only a small sample of some of the episodes, but the full mini-series can be acquired (French version) in Amazon


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  1. Hi Rafa - that's great stuff! Will we be seeing your troops in action again soon?