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The rules for Kosen SDS Scenario

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Deployment (See the previous post)
Austrian Grenzer
On sentry duty (see map) 1D6 Grenzer
Inside the cabin/ houses: Officer, NCO and the rest of the squad.
Deployed within 1M of the table edge or inside 1M of a wooded edge.

Scenario Special Rules
These rules are similar to the used in the  SDS Wethau bridge scenario, with the only addition of a rule about bridge demolition:
 Destroying bridges special rule
·      At the cost of 1 action, a model armed with axe may try to destroy the wooden bridge. Treat this as a hand-to-hand “combat” between the model and the bridge. All possible modifiers (strong, better weapon, engineer, multiple combatants) apply, with the bridge having a C3 Combat value. The opponent rolls dice for the bridge and combat is resolved normally.
·      Only sappers can use the +1 Combat modifier, which is only applicable to this “combat”.
·      If the model loses the “combat” or the model wins without doubling the bridge’s score, nothing happens. The bridge is only slightly damaged.
·      If the model wins doubling the bridge’s score, the bridge has been damaged. Decrease its Combat value by 1.
·      In both these cases the model can try to attack the bridge again if it has actions remaining. If the feature was damaged, the lowered Combat score is used.
·      The bridge is destroyed when its Combat value reaches zero.
Victory conditions
The French goal is to break the bridge whereas the Grenzers must to avoid it.
·      Normal rules and morale tests apply to attackers (i.e. they lose if their Squad breaks). The French mission is to destroy the bridge, so if it occurs the game automatically ends with a French victory.
·      Grenzer with bad moral runs towards the village where they can continue the fight (if they wish).

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