Saturday, 18 May 2013

Breaking news: Skirmish at Saxony

A bloody skirmish took place this morning on the outskirts of the village of Herrnhut in northern Saxony. A Cossack patrol, from the Denisov #7 Cossack Regiment, surprised and completely routed a similar Polish patrol formed by men of the Krakus Light Cavalry Regiment. Both squads were scouting in front of their respective armies searching for information.

The ambushed Cossack have fallen on the surprised Krakus

According to local sources, the Russian Lieutenant Uvarov stood hidden in a small wood with the bulk of his men, while the rest of his squad, led by his NCO, dismounted and remained hidden in a nearby log cabin, from where fired their muskests against the Poles that, led by Lieutenant Kaminski, advanced in two groups separated by a few hundred meters.
The Poles were taken aback by the unexpectedCossack fire and, before they recovered, were charged by the ambushed Cossacks. After a series of bloody individual melees, the Krakus were slaughtered, suffering one dead and seven wounded, for only one killed and three wounded in the Cossack ranks.

The Krakus leaving  the field in a very ignominiously way

Only Lieutenant Uminski and one of his privates were able to leave the field, closely pursued by the triumphant Cossacks. It is said that french HC is considering the poor performance of the Polish light cavalrymen, attributed (according the same sources) to the lack of carbines and musketoons in their weaponry but also to the to poor planning and cowardice of the young and inexpert Polish ADC.
For the Tsar and the Holy Mother Russia!

Taken from "The Courier of the Steppes" web site

So (for Murdock and friends) ALLIES 1 -  FRENCH 0

A more detailed report will follow!


  1. Always nice to see your work, Rafa. Best, Dean

  2. Sounds like you had fun with that one Rafa. Great report and beaut that you could be part of the campaign.