Sunday, 9 June 2013

Raguhn for Lasalle (V)

The French C-i-C is trying to cut the the Russian retreat line and launches his left flank cavalry. The 5e Hussars breaks the Kourland Dragoon Regiment...

...and then, the battle-crazed Hussars rush up the hill to break and disperse the Russian gunners

... until they are finally stopped by the 1/Tarnopol IR in square, and fall back on the edge of collapse.

Meanwhile, in the central sector, the 12e Chasseurs a Cheval Regiment is forced to fall back before the square of the 1/Bieloserk IR...

... while their exhausted comrades of the 2/8e Legere are broken after a vicious firefight with the deployed 2/Bieloserk IR

At last, in the French right flank, the White Russia Hussars have routed the 2e Chevaux-Legers Lanciers, momentarily relieving the pressure on the retiring Russian infantry units in that sector.

The Russians are retreating while defending their ground inch by inch!

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