Sunday, 18 August 2013

Pirna for Lasalle (II)

The French continue their attempts to cut the retreat of the Russian column towards the Bohemian mountain passes.

The 2/37e Legere forces back the Russian 2/Tobolsk
Whereas the Grodno Hussars force the Anhalt Jager zu Pferd to fall back
French reinforcements run towards the vital bridge
A lucky salvo from the Russain horse artillery breaks the  French 9/8e 12 pds. Reserve battery !
The Russian reform their battle line
And the Russian Guard Cavalry is arriving at last!
To be continued...


  1. Another nail-biter, Rafa! Who wil win?!

  2. Is the tide now turning in favour of the Russians?

  3. The battle is far of ending... Wait and see :-)

  4. nice stuff rafa, we recently had a game of lasalle and are playing again in 2 weeks.