Saturday, 19 October 2013

NB Divisional Commander

The chaps at Capitan Games are very busy. Besides the new edition of Napoleon's Battles, a.k.a Marechal edition, they have desgigned Napoleon's Battles, Divisional Commander. In their own words:

"Napoleon’s Battles – Divisional Commander is a fusion between our Napoleon’s Battles Grand Scale rules, and our company level rules Capitan. So you may well find aspects of the two rule sets mingled in NB-DC.
To represent the intense movements and counter movements of the formations in Napoleonic battles, DC uses a system (as do other Capitan Games rules) that allows more flexibility in the game rather than an 'I go, you go' system.
Divisional Commander 'DC' is a set of Napoleonic rules designed to play Napoleonic battles of medium size, involving a division, or a small corps. DC is designed to allow to represent historical battle or to play balanced games based in a point system that allows players to play fictional scenarios for running, campaigns or championships.
The rules uses the same basing sizes and system of Napoleon’s Battles, but at Battalion Scale, so approximately a Napoleon’s Battles 24 miniatures Brigade (6 bases of four miniatures) is a Battalion in Divisional Commander, so a miniature is about 25-30 men. Players that has his Napoleon’s Battles armies can use them to play Divisional Commander without any change.
The game will use an online army builder system (available at where to find the full units characteristics and to print the command cards of each unit.
The Crysler’s Farm scenario, using the NB Divisional System, designed and played by Southend Wargames Club has won the Best in Show award at SELWG 2013 in London.

 I am very curious about the results, because myself used a home-variation, appropriately named Divisional Napoleon's Battles, before the launching of Lasalle. Really it was only Napoleon's Battles with some minor modifications (See Divisional Napoleon's Battles in the main web site), and I played some scenarios, but in the end, I stopped using it when I found Lasalle.
However, this new attempt seems different, so we will wait until its release!

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  1. Thanks Rafael! This is the first I've heard about it. I always liked the neat way NB played and would be interested to see these rules.