Thursday, 21 November 2013

Grunberg for Lasalle (and V)

While the Austrians were rejecting the French attacks on the hill, the situation in the rest of the battlefield was still developing. The first series depicts a summary of the fight in the center, near Grunberg.

The French cavalry has occupied the center while the infantry run towards Augustusburg
The 1/ and 2/Mariassy IR form square and repel the attacks of the 3e and 5e Hussards, respectively...
... and afterwards reject the combined-arms attacks of the French ...
... that are forced to use musket and cannon fire to try the breaking of the solid Austrian squares.
The second series shows the fight in the outskirts of Augustusburg
The French reinforcements advance against Augustusburg after the ocupation of the cemetery
The 1/Kaiser IR rejects the 2/26e Legere...
.... and then the Austrians deploy breaking the 2/26e Legere with musket fire...
... and then advance in line, breaking the 2/93e Ligne in hand-to-hand combat.

This loss precipitated the end of the battle, because the French reached their Army Morale Breakpoint in the turn 25 (first additional turn) and failed the subsequent Army Morale Check. The final results were:
French losses (17 points): 1/11e legere; 1/ and 2/2e ligne; 1/ and 2/ 18e ligne; 2/26 ligne; 2/93e ligne 8e Chevaulegers-Lanciers; 26/3e Foot artillery (General Valory wounded and General Piquet dead)
Austrian losses (14 points): 1/Wurzburg IR; 1/ and 2/Gyulai IR; Klenau Chevaulegers; 2 brigade batteries of the 2nd division

In Lasalle, the presence of pursuing cavalry can convert a retreat in a total rout. The French had 24 points of pursuing cavalry (24 bases left), whereas the Austrians had only 6 points (6 bases left). Therefore, the French cavalry  was able to cover their retreat.

The battle was an Austrian marginal victory

Epilogue. Grunberg for Lasalle finished like the real combat, with the French forces retiring towards Leipzig and the Austrians waiting for the arrival of the rest of the army. In 1813, Murat (the Victor's C-I-c) retired on Lieberwolkwitz, where took place the battle of that name, the prelude to the Battle of the Nations.  See the main web site for a re-fight of Lieberwolkwitz with Napoleon's Battles.

Next time, the analysis of the game!

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