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Painting time. Brandenburg Uhlans (I)

Taken from Histofig site
With the Grunberg Scenario under way (it is finished actually, but the final result is under embargo until published!) I am 'researching' for the Christmas Lasalle battle. This time, the Scenario will be located in the days following the battle of the Katzbach, when the routed French forces were closely pursued by the Prusso-Russian forces.
While preparing the OOB's for the Scenario, I found that the Brandenburg Uhlans took part in the pursuit, but also that there are not Prussian Uhlans amongst my lead/plastics recruits. Therefore, this will be the next painting project, really a very reduced one, because I only need 8 figures to build a four-bases 'normal' Lasalle unit.
A quick review of the literature, led to the classic Osprey Men-at-Arms 172 book Prussian Cavalry of the Napoleonic Wars (2).1807–15, from Peter Hofschröer and illustrated by Bryan Fosten, where the uniforms are described.

Taken from Osprey MAA 172
Uhlans wore a dark blue 'kollet' (a hip-length double-breasted tunic) with poppy red collars and 'polish' (pointed) cuffs and two rows of buttons curveing slightly outwards to the top. The lapels were piped in red and the short tails had a two-inch-wide red trim. The button colours and soulder straps were used to distinguish the regiment, with the Brandeburg Uhlans (Regiment no. 3) carrying yellow shoulder straps and buttons. The rank-and-fie could also wore a dark-blue Litewka (a long coat). A dark blue sash piped in red was carried by the rank-and-file The legwears were dark-grey overalls covered in black leather up the whole length of the inner legs and around the ankles. Down the outer surface was an open seam closed with a row of buttons (piped in red?). They wore also a cavalry shako covered in campaign with a black waxed cloth.
The armament consisted in a curved sabre with a steel scabbard. The troopers carried a lance with a brown shaft and iron point. In 1813 the pennants were dark blue on the lower halves and yellow (Brandenburg Uhlans) on the upper half. The rankers wore also a pistol and a black leather cartridge-box with white (shown black in all the sources) belt.
The horse furniture was a black sheepskin saddle cloth with a red 'wolf's teeth' (triangular) trim.
Taken from Elting & Knoetel
The next step is to search for the adequate figures.

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  1. I did this unit a while ago. Your uniform information is quiet correct. And you are right in assuming, that the piping on the trousers was indeed red.