Friday, 29 November 2013

Painting time. Brandenburg Uhlans (II)

There are no 1/72 (HO) plastic figures in the market for the Prussian Uhlans of 1813. After a visit to the Plastic Soldier Review page, searching for sets with a reasonable similarity with the desired figures, I finally chose the Italeri 6080 French Light Cavalry set (see below)

Italeri 6080 French Light Cavalry set
These figures wore a short-tailed coat or 'Kinski', very similar to the Prussian hip-length double-breasted tunic or 'kollet', and trousers with an the outer row of buttons. The only minor surgical interventions needed to disguise them as Prussians were the elimination of the carbine when necessary, the replacement of the sword with a lance and the addition of plasticine (or green putty) to simulate the shako cover (the colpak figure was not used).
The below series shows the different steps of the painting process

After the basic colours application
After the first highlight
After second highlight and addition of the shako covers
Uhlans mounted in their assigned horses
Afetr addition of lances (made with straighten paperclips)
and pennon lances (made from paper)
Tomorrow, the final flocking and varnishing steps

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