Friday, 1 November 2013

The debut of the French hussars

It is a non-written rule of the wargaming, that the best painted and researched units and figures do not behave well in the wargaming table. I had recently a such example, with the Russian Soumy Hussars suffering an embarrasing defest during their first combat.
Therefore, it was with some trepidation that I recruited the 5th and 9th Hussars Regiments, forming the Dommanget's 7th Light Cavalry Brigade in the Berckheim's 1st Light Cavalry Division. In 1813, these regiments had good statistics in Lasalle (Reliable and Experienced) so may be they will behave well. You can see below that both units have met the expectations... until now, at least.

Turns 1 to 7. Both units become lost in the wood while negotiating the Floha stream
Turn 7. The Regiments appear near their intended position
Turn 10. The 5th Hussars loses its first combat, being repelled by the square of the 1/Gyulai IR
Turn 14. The 9th Hussars regiment takes in flank an Austrian Foot Brigade battery, breaking it
Turn 14. The 5th Hussars (with the help of the 1/11th Legere) breaks, at last, the square of the 1/Gyulai IR

So it seems that the curse has been broken, but the battle is long ....

Watch this space!

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  1. Gives me hope for my own 5th and 9th...! ;)

  2. Great stuff Rafa! The statistics of long run observations trump the human tendency to see curses, ghouls and the 'hand of god' in perceived trends—good statistics in rules help too!! :)

  3. Huzzah for the hussars! ;-)

    I, too, seem to be having better luck with my new units. None have been broken in my latest games (now I've said that I'm sure the curse will return!).

  4. This is great news for me as I continue to work on my first Old Guard unit!