Sunday, 9 February 2014

The baptisme of fire of the Prussian National Cavalry Regiment

Again and again, the most recent and carefully researched and painted wargaming units have an embarrassing affaire (i.e a rout!) in their first encounter on the tablegame. That was the case with the Russian Soumy Hussars and the fashionable French 5th and 9th Hussar Regiments.
The Prussian National Cavalry (PNC) has suffered the same fate during the first moves of the on going Bunzlau scenario, as shown in the below pictures

The PNC regiment cover the right flank of the von Katzler's flank guard
The 1/9e Legere Provisoire Regiment fires a long distance volley over the PNC without effect
Triggering the PNC charge, but the Prussians are rejected by the French in square formation
The PNC is forced to fall back with some disorder
Meanwhile, the battle is raging in other zones of the tablegame
Watch this space!


  1. Lovely looking game and figures, Rafa - you certainly put a lot of research into your games. Best, Dean

  2. Sounds like my newly painted units - they always seem to do badly on their first game - perhaps it's because I have too high expectations of their performance!

  3. Ditto Dean and Will, another top game and great presentation, thanks. At least the Prussian National Cavalry are still on the table! Looking forward to the next instalment.