Sunday, 4 May 2014

Pitschenberg for Lasalle. The rules for the Scenario

These are the specific rules of the Scenario

Deployment and Reinforcements
Allied units
Hiller’s command must be deployed on the Pitschenberg area (B3-D3). Von Katzeler’s advance guard is in the west bank of the stream in the Breitenfeld area. The Russian cavalry is near Carlsbrunn.
Prussian reinforcements may enter in A5n/A5e/B5 (20%/30%/50%). Russian reinforcements in D4/D5s/D5e (40%/30%/30%)
French units
The 35th Division is deployed in B1-C1. The 28th Light Cavalry Brigade in A1.
Infantry reinforcements (16th Division) may enter at D1w/D1s/D2 (20%/40%/40%). Cavalry reinforcements may enter in D1s/D2 ((30%/70%)
All reinforcements follow the Lasalle arrival rules (p. 91 of e-Lasalle).

Assault of defiles (optional)
1) A column of march can assault a defile like a bridge, a fortified gate, a fort, etc. It represents not only true march columns, but also all those formations with reduced front.
2) It fights at 1/2 dice and with no previous shooting, adding a -2 for "bad terrain" as they will be fighting in cramped quarters.
3) The enemy can use the "cover" or "higher elevation" modifiers when applicable.
3) However the small front, the enemy never halves their dice.

1) Cossacks may charge enemy units standing in 'limbered' or 'march column' formation in open terrain.
2) Cossack units must to pass a 'Discipline' test to initiate the charge in open terrain.
3) If routed in 'decisive combat', the Cossack unit is immediately broken.

Victory conditions
The Allied aim is to reach the duration limit of the game (24 turns) without breaking. Pitschenberg hill is an Objective for the game and the rules of p. 67 and 91 (e-Lasalle) are of application.

A new table map
The tablemap has been modified to adjust it to the real shape of the terrain:

I am not sure about the existence of wooded zones in 1813, since the available maps of the area are modern. Moreover, the fog of war (the actual available terrain pieces) could modify the above design!

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  1. Another great looking scenario Rafa, looking forward to the reports of the game.

  2. Rafael may I ask what is your table size please? I see the 5x4 squares but each square is what dimension ontable

  3. Rafael may I ask what is your table size please? I see the 5x4 squares but each square is what dimension notable. i game with 28mm figs using blackpowder

  4. The modules are 4 0cm x 40 cm (i.e 15.7" x 15.7")

  5. Thanks Rafael I am going to read up my Nafziger books etc and game this battle later this week. I wil luse your map and OOB for 28mm battle on my 9'x5' table using blackpowder. I will let you know how it goes and send a few pics ok . Do you have a general e-mail address Rafael? Peter (in Ireland)

  6. Peter. Sorry for the delay. My e-mail is