Monday, 22 September 2014

Napoleon's Battles Marechal Edition (NB4) is coming!

Napoleon's Battles Marechal Edition (a.k.a. NB4) will see the light in the next weeks!
See this entry in the Yahoo's Napoleon's Battles Forum posted by Javier Gámez, the soul behind the project:

"Dear folks,
The NAPOLEON'S BATTLES MARECHAL EDITION project is gathering momentum: this weekend we have updated the website, improving its design (which is far from definitive, anyway). We have also started to add some extra contents on it, this time two articles with comments on aspects of the rules and some of the changes that are being introduced in this new edition. You may find the website with all this info in the following link:
Regarding the printed edition, we are still in negotiations with the publisher. We are currently preparing graphic material and other extra contents while waiting for the publisher. We will continue posting updates on the contents and the edition state in the following weeks.

Watch this space!

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