Thursday, 4 September 2014

Thiessen for Lasalle. The rules for the Scenario

These are the specific rules for this Scenario

The basic duration of the game is 24 turns (3 hours). Seven dice are used, instead five, to test Army Moral. Bonus Turns are allowed rolling 2D6 (p. 66 of the e-Lasalle book.
The Prussians are the attackers and the first side.

Deployment and Reinforcements
French units
Fontanelli’s command must be deployed on the Thiessen area (C1-C3). Franquemont’s must be deployed in the Eupen area (C3-C5). The Jett’s cavalry is near Trajhun. Bertrand is in Trajhun
The reinforcements may enter in: Moroni: D1w-D1s (60%/40%); Wolff: D2-D3 (50%-50%); Morand: D4-D5s-D5e (40%/30%/30%)
Prussian units
Thumenn’s advance guard is deployed in A1-A2; Beier’s detachment in A5; Merkel and Schoon enter in A3 and A4, respectively, in Turn 1. Bulow and Borstell are with Merkel or Schoon.
The reinforcements may enter in: Krafft’s 6th Brigade: A3; Dobschutz and Kroos (4th Brigade) A5e-B5 (30%-70%).

All reinforcements follow the Lasalle arrival rules (p. 91 of e-Lasalle).

Optional rule: Irregular cavalry (Cossacks)
1) Irregular cavalry units may charge enemy units standing in 'limbered' or 'march column' formation in open terrain.
2) Irregular cavalry units must to pass a 'Discipline' test to initiate the charge in open terrain.
3) If routed in 'decisive combat', the irregular cavalry unit is immediately broken.

Victory conditions
The French aim is to reach the duration limit of the game (24 turns) without breaking. The Prussian aim is the opposite one. There are no Objectives.

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  1. A tough looking scenario for the French - looking forward to this one!