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Dessau for Lasalle. The forces

The Nafziger's Orders of Battle Collection has been used for the OOB's. The French were taken from list 1813JJW "French III, IV, XI Army Corps & I and II Cavalry Corps Early October 1813" and the Prussians from the 1813JJX "Tauentzen's Forces by Zerbst 13 October 1813". Some units were not used, to acommodate a feasible number of units on the tablegame. As in the case of the combat of Thiessen, the names of some Prussian officers are fictitious (again, can you find these?)

French Army
Army Morale: 41,5; Morale break point: 14
15 Battalions/4 Regiments/3,5 Batteries

General Joseph Souham
C-i-C III Corps Souham (+1/-) 
23rd Light Cavalry Brigade Beurmann (+1/-)
10e Hussar Regiment R/E/Pu
Baden Dragoon Regiment S/A/Pu
3/2e Legere IR R/A/SK1
3/4e Legere IR R/A/SK1
9th Division Delmas (-/*)
1st Brigade Anthing (-/-)
2e Prov. Legere IR R/A/SK1
3/43e Ligne IR R/A/SK1
4/43e Ligne IR R/A/SK1
1/136e Ligne IR R/A/SK1
2/136e Ligne IR R/A/SK1
2nd Brigade Bergez (-/-)
1/138e Ligne IR R/A/SK1
2/138e Ligne IR R/A/SK1
3/138e Ligne IR R/A/SK1
1/145e Ligne IR R/A/SK1
2/145e Ligne IR R/A/SK1
2/9e Foot Artillery Foot 3Guns/M/1Hw
11/9e Foot Artillery Foot 3Guns/M/1Hw

8th Division Brayer (-1/-)
1st Brigade Esteve (-/¶)
2/6e Legere IR R/A/SK1
3/6e Legere IR R/A/SK1
3/40e Ligen IR R/A/SK1
10/2e Foot Artillery Foot 3Guns/M/1Hw
6th Light Cavalry Division Forunier (+1/¶)
15th Light Cavalry Brigade Mouriez (+1/-)
2e Hussar Regiment R/E/Pu
12e Hussar Regiment R/A/Pu
1/2 Horse Battery Horse 2Guns/M/

Prussian Army
Army Morale: 36,5; Morale break point: 12
13 Battalions/3 Regiments/3,5 battteries/2 Cossacks
General Leopold Wilhelm von Dobschütz
C-i-C 4th Brigade Dobschutz (-/-)

Rearguard Muller (+1/-)
3/3rd Reserve IR R/A/SK2
3/5st Kurmark LwIR U/A/SK1
1st Kurkmark LWr Cavalry S/A
Karpov #2 Cossack R S/I/Pu
Ulianov #2 Cossack R S/I/Pu
1/2 Horse Battery #11 Horse 2Guns/M/

Main body Kohl (-1/*)
1/1st Kurmark LwIR U/A/SK1
2/1st Kurmark LwIR U/A/SK1
1/5st Kurmark LwIR U/A/SK1
1/3rd Reserve IR R/A/SK2
2/3rd Reserve IR R/A/SK2
Reserve Kroos (-/-)
1/8th Reserve IR R/A/SK2
2/8th Reserve IR R/A/SK2
3/8th Reserve IR R/A/SK2
6 pr Foot Battery #17 Foot 3Guns/M/1Hw
6 pr Foot Battery #27 Foot 3Guns/M/1Hw
2 Baggage train units
Cavalry Schoon (+1/-)
7th Kurkmark LWr Cavalry S/A
2nd E.Prussia Lwr Cavalry S/A

Detachment Merkel (-/*)
1/4th E.Prussian IR R/E/SK2
2/4th E.Prussian IR R/E/SK2
Fus/4th E.Prussian IR R/E/SK2
6 pr Foot Battery #6 Foot 3Guns/M/1Hw

Next thing, the Scenario rules

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