Friday, 31 October 2014

Elite Dangerous. Beta 3 launchig

Frontier Developments follows its planned launchig Schedule for Elite Dangerous, and the beta 3 version has been released at October 28.
The upgrade includes more stars and the introduction of minig as a new activity in addition to the more usual of trader, pirate, mercenary and discoverer.
You can see below some screen-shots of my last activities in the Elite Universe.

A Coriolis station
A police spaceship watching near an orbital
Landing into a rich and luxurious spacial station
A new model spatial station
Right on, commander!


  1. I'm really excited about starting to play!!! I can't wait for the final release!!
    How is the experience? Does it feel like the original game? A lot of beautiful pictures, Rafa, but few reviews, jajaja! Tell us more, please!

  2. Hi Radagast, please to meet you again! :-)
    The game is technically better tan the original and the old trepidation is the same. Wait for the next issue of ALKAID...
    Best regards