Friday, 5 December 2014

The combat of Dessau(I)

The combat of Dessau has begun. See below the first moments of the fight.

The 10e Hussards Regiment charges the Cossack screen
The first Prussian reinforcements arrive, escorting the baggage train
The Cossacks fall back and the 1st Kurkmark Landwehr Cavalry Regiment charges the Baden Dragoons 
The Baden Dragoons routs the Prussians (is a French turn)
The 10th French Hussars join to the Baden Dragoon to pursuit the routed 1st Kurkmark Landwehr Cavalry
... but the Prussians evade by falling back to the cemetery
Part of the Prussian reinforcements (Schoon's cavalry) runs to the center, while the rest (Kroos's Reserve) escorts the artillery and baggage train
The Delmas's 9th División arrives in forcé in front of Polnitz
Watch this space!

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  1. Nice looking pictures, Dessau is looking great...and bloody!

  2. Looks like you will have quite a fight on your hands once all those reinforcements arrive!

  3. Nice start to the Battle, and good to see the Baden Dragoons in action!