Saturday, 28 February 2015

'Napoleon 1813: Decision at Bautzen' a book from J.R. Arnold

J.R. Arnold, the famous author of many napoleonic books for the historian and wargamer, has published a new work, Napoleon 1813: Decision at Bautzen. The book is focused on the Napoleon's recovery after his Russian disaster. It starts with the battle of Mockern, and covers until Bautzen and the end of the Spring's Campaign of 1813.

From the web of the autor:
"Napoleon 1813 describes and explains Napoleon's efforts to recover from the catastrophe of 1812. It dismisses many conventional myths regarding the spring campaign of 1813. Was Ney to blame for the campaign's failure? What role did Napoleon's lack of cavalry play? Did one of history's 'Great Captains' have a realistic chance to preserve his reign? On the allied side, the role of Prussia is described, including the critical contribution of the much-scorned Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm III. Blücher and the Prussian General Staff emerge with relentless determination to fight the French. Their distrust of the Russians and their own blunders threaten to unravel the Russo-Prussian alliance. At the heart of the allied effort is Tsar Alexander. His messianic vision to bring down the French emperor works at odds with his decision to usurp command of the allied armies from the military professionals. Throughout the story of the tumultuous spring days, Napoleon 1813 gives voice to the soldiers who participated in a campaign that proved Napoleon's last, best chance to preserve his dynasty."

The book has 464 pages including 35 maps, 71 illustrations, and two appendices, and can be buyed on-line in the Arnold's web

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