Wednesday, 5 August 2015

The combat of Dessau (and V)

The combat of Dessau is in its last stages:

The French are advancing in the center...
... whereas the Prussians are trying to delay the foreseeable outcoming
However, the French right forces are outflanking the Prussians...
... whereas these have shortened their line protecting the retreat of their artillery
The French have occupied all thestrongpoints of the battlefield...
... forcing the Prussians to retreat
There was not additional turns and the battle is over. The Prussian losses amounted to 7 points: 3/3rd Reserve IR; 1/4th E. Prussian IR; Fus/4th E. Prussian IR; 6 pdrs battery #6 with the General Muller killed in action. The French losses were lighter: 4 points from the 10me Hussards and the 1/145e Ligne R.
The Prussians retired from the battlefield without Imperial interference and the battle is a DRAW

Watch this space!

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