Sunday, 22 November 2015

Napoleon's Battles 4

At last, Javi Gámez and his friends, have released the fourth edition of Napoleon's Battles also known as Marechal edition. The rule book can be buyed in Caliver Books.

The rule-book is generally in accordance with the late Bob Coggins's opinions. The rules are written in a more modern and readable flow, avoiding the sub-sub-sub-...paragraph style of previous editions. The main differences in the game rules from previous editions are:
(1) The fight in built-up areas (BUA's) is now more realistic and the change forces the attacker to make a costly hand-to-hand assault to take the village/town. This is achieved by a simple and elegant modification of the casualty assignament in the artillery fire phase, that makes almost impossible to disperse the defenders only by fire.
(2) The passage of lines is now more difficult (as it was in the real world) and prevents lightning counterattacks by troops placed in the second line.
There are other minor (but sensible adjustments) placed in the Optional Rules section. The most significant is that routed units can now rally with no general attached (with a -3 modifier)

You can follow the player reactions and the Javi's answers in the Yahoo group as well as in the Napoleon's Battles page, that describes the changes in deep.

In conclusion, a must for the Napoleonc grand-tactical wargamer!

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