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Probsthain. The next Lasalle project

While most of the Army of Silesia, i.e. the Prussian contingent and part of the Langeron's Corps, retreated northwards in haste after being catch by Napoleon at Duben on the Mulde River, part of the Langeron's rearguard cavalry and the whole of the Osten-Sacken's Russian Corps, that were located between the Elbe and the Mulde rivers, were taken by surprise by the rapid advance of Sebastiani's II Cavalry Corps and the advanced elements of the Bertrand's IV Corps.
The General Yuzefovich, commanding the Langeron's rearguard cavalry, fought a defensive action in order to protect the retreat of the Osten-Sacken's Corps. A small combat took place at Probsthain, along the route leading to north, against elements of the Sebastiani's II Cavalry Corps and the Bertrand's IV Corps. Yuzefovich achieved his goal, and the Russians escaped northwards, reaching the main body of the Army of Silesia after a long and risky detour.

Table-map (Note that North is down!!!)

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