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The Saxon forces II. The painting

1) The basic color of Saxon Line Infantry was the white. They wore a white short-tailed coat very similar to the Bardin 1812 French habit, white breeches and black under-knees gaiters with two white crossbelts (1812 French carried only one). The regimental facings were shown in collar, lapels, cuffs (and piping?). The 1813 facings were:

König Red
Niesemeuschel Red
Prinz Anton Blue
Von Low Blue
Prinz Maximilian Yellow
Rechten Yellow
Prinz Friedrich August Green
Prinz Clemens Green

2) Grenadiers wore same uniform than Line Infantry with red shako plume and cords. Leib Grenadier Guards wore a red habit with yellow facings (collar, lapels and cuffs). They also wore a bearskin with brass plate altohugh in campaign, shakos were carried instead

3) The uniform for Saxon Light Infantry and Jagers was similar to the one for Line but green with green lapels, black collar and cuffs and red piping. Black crossbelts and green (Light Infantry) or white (Jagers) shako cords.

4) The Saxon Foot Artillery had a green uniform in the same style than above. with red facings (collar, lapels, cuffs and turnbacks) and red plume and shako cords.

5) Saxon Hussar Regiment wore a typical hussar costume with light blue dolman, breeches and pelisse, black pelisse facings and furs, red and white sash, white leather and lace.cords. Black shako with white plume and cords.

6) According to NAPOLEON-SERIES, the Saxon Chevaux-Legers (Lancers) uniforms were cut in a similar style to those of French Chasseurs a Cheval: red habit with facings (light green for Prinz Clemens Regiment) in collar, cuffs and lapel. White belt, black shako with white plume and cords. On the other hand, HISTOFIG gives other uniform for the Prinz Clemens Lancer Regiment at 1813: light blue breeches and coat with black facings piping red and tzchaska instead shako.

7) Horse Artillery wore a uniform similar to that of Chevaux-Legers in green with red facings (collar, lapels, cuffs and turnbacks), red plume and shako cords.

All the plates shown taken from HISTOIRE ET FIGURINES (Histofig) site

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