Friday, 27 April 2007

The Saxon forces I. The figures

The 24th (Lecoq) and 25th (von Sahr) Infantry Divisions and the 26th (von Lindenau) Light Cavalry Brigade composed from Saxons, formed the core of the of the French VII Corps (Reynier):
24th Division (Lecoq)
1st Brigade (von Brause)
1/Saxon Guard Grenadier Battalion
1/,2/1stSaxon Light Regiment
1/Maximilian Infantry regiment
2/von Rechter Infantry Regiment
1st Jager Company
2nd Brigade (Mellentin)
Converged Saxon Grenadier Battalion Spiegel
1/,2/Frederich August Infantry Regiment
1/,2/ Steindel Infantry regiment
1st Saxon Foot Battery
2nd Saxon Foot Battery
Saxon Train detachment

25th Division (von Sahr)
1st Brigade (von Bosch)

Converged Saxon Grenadier Battalion Kleist
1/,2/2nd Saxon Light Regiment
2/König Infantry regiment
1/Niesemeuschel Infantry Regiment
2nd Brigade (von Rissel)
1/,2/Löw Infantry Regiment
1/,2/ Anton Infantry regiment
3rd Saxon Foot Battery
4th Saxon Foot Battery
Saxon Train detachment

26th Light Cavalry Brigade (von Lindenau)
1-8/Saxon Hussar regiment
1-5/Prinz Clemens Lancer Regiment
1st Saxon Horse Battery
2nd Saxon Horse Battery

Reserve and Grand Park
1st Saxon 12pdr Foot Battery
1 Saxon Sapper Company
Saxon Train Detachment

At Gross-Beeren the strenght of Saxons was the following (numbers between parenthesis are Napoleon's Battles figures)
Line Infantry 5,800 (48)
Ligh Infantry 1,900 (16)
Grenadiers and Guards 973 (8)
Foot batteries 5 (5)
Hussars 780 (6)
Lancers 490 (4)
Horse batteries 2 (2)

Napoleon at Dresden. The Battles of August 1813
George Nafziger
The Emperor Press , Chicago, 1994

1813: The Year that Doomed the Empire.
Special Study Nr.1
Operational Studies Group.

There are not specifically designed Saxon 1813 figures, so it becomes necessary to find similar ones amongst the existent. At 1813, the Saxon uniforms ressembled the post-1812 (Bardin) French uniform. After severals request in the HAT forum , the Napoleon Series forum and a search in The Plastic Soldier Review I arrived to the following choices:
Line Infantry HAT 8042 French Light Infantry/Italeri 6066 French Line Infantry
Ligh Infantry ditto
Grenadier ditto with French Guard Grenadier heads
Artllery ZVEZDA 8028 French Foot Artillery
Hussars ITALERI 6008 French Hussars
Lancers ESCI 218 - 'Polish Lancers' French Cavalry


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