Sunday, 22 April 2007

The uniformology at Leipzig times

During 1812 and 1813 there was some major and many minor changes in the indumentary of the men fighting in all the armies, caused by logistical shortcomings derived from a near universal conscription or by the implantation of new regulations. From memory I can remember that French infantry was suposed to fight in the new Bardin uniform, the French 'Chasseurs à Cheval' changed to their new Kinsky habits, the Prussian Reserve and Landwher units (both infantry and cavalry) weared many different indumentaries, the Wurtemburgers changed their typical helmets by shakos, etc.

In the FLB, Gross-Beeren, Katzbach, Kulm and Dennewitz, fought many different nations. Along their French allieds were Italians, Saxons, Wurtemburgers, Bavarians and Polish. In the Coallition side were Prussians, Russians and Austrians. In my previous refigths of these battles I used the adequate figures for the major nations and some of the minor ones, but Italians, Wurtemburgers, Bavarians and Saxons were represented in the battlefield by figures with similar uniforms.

Now I want to use the right figures so a little previous uniformological research must be carried out. This part of the hobby is for me so pleasant as the actual wargaming!

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