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The Italian forces I. The figures

Italians were present at Leipzig as well as in the battles of Gross-Beeren and Dennewitz. The 15th Division (Fontanelli) of the French IV Corps (Bertrand) comprised three infantry brigades:
1st Brigade (Martel)
3/,4/1st Italian Line Regiment
2/,3/,4/4th Italian Line regiment
2nd Brigade (Saint-Andrea)
2/,3/,4/1st Italian Light Regiment
3/,4/6th Italin Line Regiment
3rd brigade (Moroni)
1st Milan Guard Battalion
2/,3/,4/7th Italian Line Regiment
1/1st Italian Foot Battery
13/1st Italian Foot Battery
5th,6th Italian Train Companies
Sappers, Marine artisans...

At Gross-Beeren the strenght of Italians was the following (numbers between parenthesis are Napoleon's Battles figures)
Line Infantry 5,157 (43)
Ligh Infantry 2,113 (18)
Milan Guard 537 (4)
Foot batteries 2 (2)

Napoleon at Dresden. The Battles of August 1813
George Nafziger
The Emperor Press , Chicago, 1994

1813: The Year that Doomed the Empire.
Special Study Nr.1
Operational Studies Group.

There are not specifically designed Italian figures, so it becomes necessary to find similar ones amongst the existent. At 1813, the uniforms of the Kingdom of Italy followed the Regulations of 1812. These uniforms can be seen at HISTUNIF.COM.

Using the above information with the given in The Plastic Soldier Review showing the actual posibilites (i.e. miniatures in the market) I arrived to the following choices:

Line Infantry HAT 8095 1808-1812 French Line Infantry
Ligh Infantry ESCI 227 French Line Infantry
Milan Guard HAT 8095 1808-1812 French Line Infantry
Foot batteries ZVEZDA 8028 French Foot Artillery

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