Saturday, 5 May 2007

The Bavarian forces I. The figures

Tha Bavarians participate in the Campaign of Leipzig along the French until shortly before the battle Leipzig. At that time, they defected the Rheinbund and joined the Allied. Until then, they formed the 29th Division (Raglovich) in the French XII Corps (Oudinot).

I have used the OOB of Nazziger's book, based upon the '15th August State' corrected by attrition (1% per day). Some rounding down was necessary to acomplish the requeriments of Napoleon's Battles and, at last, I arrived to the following numbers

29th Division (Raglovitch)
1st Brigade (Treille)
1st Bavarian Light Infantry battalion
2/3rd Bavarian Infantry Regiment
1/13th Bavarian Infantry Regiment
1/4th Bavarian Infantry Regiment
2/8th Bavarian Infantry Regiment
2nd Brigade (Wolf)
2nd Bavarian Light Infantry battalion
2/5th Bavarian Infantry Regiment
2/7th Bavarian Infantry Regiment
2/9th Bavarian Infantry Regiment
2/10th Bavarian Infantry Regiment
1st Bavarian Foot Battery
2nd Bavarian Foot Battery
1st Bavarian Reserve Battery
Corps Cavalry Reserve (Beaumont)
1-3 Bavarian Chevauleger Regiment

At Gross-Beeren there was the following forces (numbers between parenthesis are Napoleon's Battles figures) :

Line Infantry 3,640 (29)
Ligh Infantry 850 (7)
Foot batteries 3 (3)
Chevaux-legers 400 (3)

Actually there is a specifically designed set for Bavarian Infantry: HAT 8042 so it will be used.

29 Line Infantry HAT 8042 Napoleonic Bavarian Infantry
7 Ligh Infantry ditto
3 Chasseurs a Cheval HAT 8032 Dutch/Belgian Light Dragoons with heads from above
1 (+2) Foot Artillery ZVEZDA 8028 French Foot Artillery

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