Saturday, 5 May 2007

The Bavarian foces II. The painting

1) Bavarian Line Infantry wore a short-tailed cornflower blue (deep sky blue) habit with red turnbacks, white breeches and black under-knees gaiters. The facings were shown at lapels, collar, cuffs and piping. The helmet was the characteristics Raupenhelm, the grenadiers and voltigeurs having respectively red and green plumes. White double crossbelts. 2) The uniform for Bavarian Light Infantry had a dark-green short-tailed habit with red turnbacks, grey breeches and black gaiters. Black lapels and cuffs with red piping, red collar. Black Raupenhelm and double crossbelts.
3) The Bavarian Chevau Legers had a dark-green short-tailed habit with dark green turnbacks and breeches (grey overalls). A provisional Regiment was raised for the Campaign so the facings are unknow. I choose red lapels, cuffs and collar. Black Raupenhelm and white crossbelts.
4) The Foot Artillery wore a dark blue short-tailed habit and trousers and black gaiters with black lapels piped red, red turnbacks, collar and cuffs. Black Raupenhelm with red plume and white crossbelts.
The uniforms of 1813 can be seen at HISTOFIG and other Internet-based sources.


  1. Good luck with the project. There looks to be a lot of painting to do!

  2. Thanks!... Is a long, long time project