Thursday, 24 May 2007

Head exchange for the Wurtembergers

For the 1813 Wurtemberg Line Infantry I need 32 HAT 8093 Line Infantry Wurtemberg with their heads changed by the ones from HAT 8027 Napoleonic Austrian Infantry which also wore a simlar double peaked shako.

This time I used an old hobby battery powered drill, re-discovered in a shelf during a cleaning-up, and a 1 mm drill. The rest of the materials, besides the figures, are Loctite (or similar type) glue, a Xacto hobby knife with a new blade and some pins.
After cutting the head from the two figures, I drilled a hole in the body of the Wurtemberger and another into the Austrian's head. I inserted then a pin into the body hole, using a plier to leave it protruding around 4mm.
I put some drops of glue, inserted the head into the protruding pin, clenching the ensemble with the fingers around 10 seconds.
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