Sunday, 27 May 2007

My map of the battle of Mockern (1813)

I am very proud to see that NOVAG wargaming club has used the map (slightly modified) of one of my old Napoleon's Battles Scenarios from the Leipzig campaign as a basis for one of their wargaming battles.
My NB scenario was the
battle of Mockern covering the north flank of the Battle of Leipzig. NOVAG members have used it for the battle of Battle of Kolotscha 1813, a ficitional battle in which:
'A combined Russian / Swedish army catches the French rear guard near the village of Kolotscha following the battle of Leipzig 1813. Marshal Ney is ordered to hold Kolotscha at all costs in order to allow Napoleon and the rest of the army escape back to the Rhine River.'
You can see the battle (and many other intesresting things) by downloading the Issue 55 of the NOVAG's Newsletter, the
Gamers Closet and going to the page 11.
This and other issues can be downloaded from the
NOVAG site.

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