Wednesday, 9 May 2007

The Polish forces

Tha Polish were the most trusted allied of Napoleon. After the Russian disater, they participate in the Campaign of Leipzig forming the 27th Division (Raglovich) of the French VIII Corps (Poniatowski), the 7th and 8th Light Cavalry Brigades of the IV Cavalry Corps (Kellerman) and the 10th Light Cavalry Brigade in the XIV Corps (Saint-Cyr) as well as the Polish Lanciers of the Imperial Guard.
During the Campaign, these units were usually attached to one or another French Army Corps. For example he 27th Division and the 18th Light Cavalry Brigade were atached to the IV Corps (Bertrand) and fought at Dennewitz and Leipizg.
Polish infantry sets were not available until the firm Waterloo 1815 launched its AP 008 Polish Infantry 1812/1814 set. Before that, a conversion was necessary and thus I made my POLISH INFANTRY conversion. Therefore, I own sufficient Polish infantry figures and no new painting is necessary. Polish Chasseurs a Cheval wore uniforms similar to their French equivalents, whereas the Uhlans were dressed in their traditional uniform.

See a scheme of the uniforms as seen in HISTOFIG site.

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