Friday, 23 November 2007

The wagon train (I)

I have started to play the "Supply at Danzig" Scenario, an adaptation of the Wagon Train Tabletop Teaser to the Campaign of Leipzig using NBd.

"The time is Fall 1813 near
Danzig, where French and Rheinbund forces have been besieged for some months and are badly in need of reinforcements and supplies of all sort. A big wagon train, escorted by a strong guard, is at last arriving the town. The blockading Russian/Prussian forces have been harassing the column for many days but today is their last chance to prevent the supplies and reinforcements from enter Danzig, so they can be expected to attack in force."

To add some spice to the game, I designed an EXCEL spreadsheet to randomize and hide the Russian deployment from me until the last moment. For it, I have used the randbetween function (see the previous post) and the EXCEL possibility to hiding zones of the spreadsheet. The result is that, at this time, I only know the arrival turn and entry point for the Russian units, but I don't know neither which unit will arrive nor their exact arrival position (until 12 in. distant from their assigned position).
The Scenario is described in the main website at this
link. See at right a picture of the wagon train with some of its French, Bavarian and Polish escorting units.


  1. The wagon train looks great! (as do the rest of your minis as usual). Interesting idea to use Excel for the randomization. I'll look forward to hearing how this plays out for you.

  2. Okey
    EXCEL is a good a tool avoiding me the rolling of dice and the full previous knowledge of the position of the wargaming units