Sunday, 25 November 2007

The wagon train (II)

This week-end I have refought the Supply at Danzig Scenario, an adaptation of the Tabletop Teaser "The wagon train". The combat finished with a marginal Russian victory: The French were able to introduce in the town one half of the wagons forming the supply column, but the escorting column resulted isolated from Danzig and lose three 4 lbs. horse guns. The losses in men were very slight for both sides.

The plans of the opposing commanders are shown in the attached figures. The Russian plan was diced out by using an EXCEL spreadsheet and was devised on the spot to match the found entry points and arrival turns.
The engagement resulted in a near run thing for both commanders with the Russians catching up the last two wagons under the walls and the fire of the guns of Danzig.

See all the history and the narrative at the main web site: Scenario and Pictures


  1. Excellent... I thought the write up was really good, and a interesting use of Excel as well! PS. I've put a link to this post on the Teasers page....

  2. Thanks for your comments and for your work with the Teasers. Next time I want to run the Ambush Teaser

  3. Super run of the game.

    We did some in August and September that were fun also.

    I found that while there are endless combinations possible, one thing is key for the wagon train escourt...patience.

  4. And watch around until the last moment :-)

  5. Very interesting, in that you comment 'solo' game cannot be done with this teaser.

    While we did have a 'referee' for the battle runs the first two times, we did not in the third.

    We rolled dice the day before the game to establish the order of troops arrivals and wrote that on the outside of already sealed envelopes (with the troop name inside). This way neither of us could gain any advantage since I would not know when or where the arrivals were, and the opponent would not know the troops coming.

    As far as 'plans' go, that is the challenge with 'solo' game play, but with this teaser, you have only one job as the escourt and as the attacker you have troops and material coming at different times and places, making it impossible to 'pre-set' anything.

    You have your randomizer in your spreadsheets, but another one can be found here:


  6. Yes, the Wagon Train (Teaser 2) is very adequate for solo playing as it is the Teaser 9 (The Ambush) However Teaser 3 is somwhat different.... but all can be achieved with dice rolling!