Thursday, 27 December 2007

Kösen bridge is blowing up

The battle for the bridge at Kösen is finished. After rejecting the Light Austrian troops (Grenzer and Jaegers) from the north bank of the Elster River, the General Morand at the head of the 1st battalion of the 23me de Ligne evicted the Austrian garrison from Kösen. After this exploit, that heroic unit rejected several Austrian attacks being at last routed by the force of Austrian numbers. However, his sacrifice bought sufficient time to allow the Italians sappers to prepare the explosive charges and to demolish the bridge. The left flank of the defeated Grande Armée is safe.
Until the upload of the after action report and pictures to the main site, you can watch the instant of the explosion with the French and Italian Light troops lining the northern riverbank and the Autrian Line infantry starting their useless ocupation of Kösen after routing the 1/23me.

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