Thursday, 27 December 2007

A new boardgame from Kevin Zucker

The postman arrived with "The Habit of Victory", the last boardgame form Operational Studies Group.
* Campaigns of Napoleon System, Series 2X. Game Mechanics are the same as Napoleon at the Crossroads, with the addition of the cards.
* Card Assisted Game (CAG) plays with far fewer dice rolls, and quickeroverall.
* Each card represents a Movement Command specifying attrition, administration, etc., and allows for one-time events such as: political, military, officer feuds, and guerilla war. Because they define Movement more closely, the cards make attrition a matter of a quick read-off at a glance.
* Three short introductory scenarios simulate the battles of Pultusk/Golymin, Eylau, and Friedland.
* Three full-sized campaign scenarios depict the three phases of the war-the Crossing of the Bug and Battles of Pultusk and Golymin, the campaign and battle of Eylau in February, and the final miscalculation by Bennigsen at Friedland.
* A massive Grand Scenario of up to 69 turns.
* During major battles entire armies can be concentrated under just a few leaders. At other times units can be dispersed independently along with Cavalry Vedettes which help confuse the enemy.

The game covers the 1806-07 winter Campaign of Napoleon at Poland so its subject is far from the Campaign of Leipizg. My interest in this boardgame lies on the cards which I plan to use in combination with "Napoleon at the Crossroads". At this moment there are no plans at OSG to launch a set of cards for use with this last game, so many thinking will be necessary to carry out the adaptation.

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