Friday, 14 December 2007

The pictures of Leubnitz

As said in a a previous post, this engagement was fought during the last week-end and finished with a Prussian victory. The narrative and pictures have been now uploaded to the main site.
Watch the battle and see the heroic performance of the 2/6 Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment, routing successively the 14th Hussars, 2/103th Line, the 4/103th Line and the 2nd Italian Chasseurs a Cheval in the
Leubnitz page.


  1. What's the system you use for the colored push-pins? That's a unique way of marking things I don't think I've seen before.

  2. Hi
    I use Napoleon's Battles and the pins replace carboard markers. The meaning is:
    Green: 1 casualty
    Orange: 2 casualties
    Red: 3 casualties (a base is removed with 4 casualties)
    Blue: Disordered
    Violet: Routed
    White: No move
    Deep green: 1/2 move
    Yellow: Cavalry on react
    Black: Fatigued formation

  3. Excellent as usual! I love browsing through your battle report photos, takes me back to the days of 'Battle for Wargamers' magazine. Good to see images of actual wargames in progress.

    Merry Christmas rafa,


  4. Lee
    The same for you and your family!
    Now I am thinking to play another Programmed Scenario: "Crossing Point" but setting it in Wartenburg where the Prussians crossed the Elbe in October 1813

  5. Rafa,

    We have also played out Teaser #3 a couple of other times.

    You can find them here:
    under "A Prince is Slain"

    under "Battle of Ubergang"

  6. Teaser three is cool, but it require two real gamers...