Monday, 10 December 2007

A piece of Scenery

Cemeteries (graveyards) play an important role in many urban fights during the Napoleonic era. This one depicts a (christian) generical cemetery and will be used in the next episodes of the Campaign of Leipizg and in all Napoleonic wargames.

The recint is 4"x5" and can accomodate until six or seven 1" infantry bases (the ones used in my version of Napoleon's Battles) in open order. The walls are 3/4" high so 20mm figures can fire without problems. The materials used are 2mm-thick carboard, wood matches and pins. The crosses were made from spare plastic sprues. See the building of this piece at the web site: A cemetery


  1. Excellent piece of scenery! You have a lot of great stuff on the website, too.

    Interesting little tutorials on making other terrain, including an onion-domed chruch and a Vauban fort, head-swapping and conversions of plastic 20mm minis, and much more.

    Muy bueno (as they say here in southern California - ha ha) :-)

  2. Yeah it's really nice! =)

  3. Benno
    Many thanks. The idea came seeing a picture of the fight at Plancenoit during the battle of Waterloo, although it seems like a more southern graveyard (white walls and so)