Saturday, 1 December 2007

Programmed Wargames Scenarios

I bought from Terry Wise's Athena Books this excellent book (Programmed Wargames Scenarios, C. S. Grant, Wargames Research Group, Goring-by-Sea, England, 1983 ) in the later 80's. The author is the son of Charles Grant, the famous pioneer wargamer, which also has writen the Tabletop Teasers.

The book provides programmed scenarios for solo wargaming falling into three categories: 'Attack and Defense', 'Confrontation' and 'Mini-campaigns'. In all the cases several posibilities for maps and deployments, and programmed options and responses for the two sides (blue an red) are provided. The player selects a side and then the actions of the other are randomly chosen amongst the alternatives given in the scenario.
I used the book to run some memorable wargamers and the notes and narratives of some of them, belonging to 1988 such 'Hill line defence','Pass clearance', 'Holding action','The weak flank', 'Crossing point' and 'The alliance', are still preserved in my dusty archives!
All scenarios in that book are from small size armies (i.e. divisional affaires) so I plan to use divisional Napoleon's Battles for running small engagements set in the times of the Campaign of Leipzig in 1813.

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