Sunday, 9 December 2007

A Prussian victory!

From the dispatch of Generalmajor von Klüx, commander of the 9th Prussian Brigade to his Majesty Friedrich Wilhelm III of Prussia:
"Sire, the engagement at Leubnitz has finished with the total defeat of the French pursuing force. The French Avant Garde masked Leubnitz (occupied by the Fusiliers of the 1st Westpreußisches Infanterie-Regiment) but don't could break the stout Prussian line, which also defeated the assaults of the French main body (men of the 43me Division according to French prisoners) under the Maréchal St-Cyr himmself. The combats were very fierce showing the high spirit of fight and the patriotism of the men. All branchs behaved well but I want to praise the 7th Schlesisches Landwehr-Infanterie-Regiment and, above all, the heroic performance of the 2nd battalion of the 6th Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment. This unit deployed in line under fire and defeated the simultaneous assault of two French columns taking many prisoners. The battalion was then caught in line by enemy cavalry (Italian Chasseurs) but maintained the good order and finally rejected the enemy. Our men are retiring in good order, because of the lack of French cavalry in good shape."

From the dispatch of General Claparéde commander of the 43me Division:
"My men found at Leubnitz a deployed Prussian column barring the Kulm main-road. I pushed vigorously the enemy line and, after fierce combats, I evicted them from Leubnitz and dispersed the rearguard which retired in disorder covered by its cavalry. Because of the fall of darkness and the weariness of the men I have camped in Leubnitz and tomorrow I'll resume the pursuit"

Thus is history written....

The engagement was fought during the last week-end and finished with a Prussian victory. I'll post the narrative and pictures to the web-site in the next days. Until then, you can see there the Scenario and watch here the "heroic performance of the 2/6 Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment".

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