Thursday, 7 February 2008

The fate of the Wurtembergers

Like in the real world, the Wurtembergers were severely mauled in my refight of the battle of Wartenburg. The previously weakened 38th Division was deployed in Bleddin to prevent an outflanking manoeuvre against the French rgight flank. At that time, the Division was reduced to two weak converged infantry Brigades (@ 600 men each), a combined Chevaulegers Regiment, and one foot artillery battery. In one-half Napoleon's Battles, the 39th Division was represented by one combined (light/line) infantry brigade with a strength of 8/12 figures, a cavalry unit of three figures and one gun model battery. The Division was commanded by the General Franquemont, a good and brave commander (6"G(6)+1)
During the re-fight, the 39th División suffered the assault of the 1st Prussian Brigade reprsented in the table by a 12 figures Grenadier battalion, a 16 figures Prussian line unit, a 24 figures Silesian Landwehr and a 6 pdrs. foot battery with no cavalry. The Brigade was commanded by Steinmetz, an un-imaginative general (6"A(5)+0).
After a hard fight, during whic the cavalry was dispersed, the 39th Division was finally expelled from Bleddin. In the retreat, the Wurtembergers were again catched by the exultant Prussians that dispersed the reluctant Wurtembergers. During this last combat the General Franquemont was taken prisoner by the men of the Landwehr unit.

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