Friday, 21 March 2008

The battle of Kalisz

Poland, February 1813. Following the disastrous Russian Campaign, the Russian forces leaded by Winzigerode, have caught up the retiring Reynier's VII Corps trying to cross the river Prosna.
The VII Corps formed part of the French-Austrian right-flanking column under Schwarzenberg, and was a multinational force composed from Saxons, French and Wurzburgers formed in three divisions. At the time of the battle, it was reduced to around 9,000 infantrymen, 800 Saxon horse and 36 guns (not including some low-calibre regimental pieces). In addition, around Kalisz were 3,000 Polish infantry levies and 300 Krakus cavalry.
The pursuing Russians, under Winzigerode, included the 2nd Infantry Corps of Eugene of Wurtemberg, the ad-hoc Bachmetiev’s Infantry Reserve corps and a large cavalry force under Trubezskoi and Lanskoi. The total force amounted to 6,000 infantry and 6,500 cavalry (mainly Cossacks) with 70 guns. All units were under-strength after heavy campaigning.
The battle will be played using the 'divisional' Napoleon's Battles modification. Until the actual playing, you can watch the Scenario files and some additional information at The battle of Kalisz page in the main website.

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