Monday, 17 March 2008

The OOB's for the battle of Kalisz (February 1813)

As I said in a previous post, I am preparaing my next wargame, the battle of Kalisz. At last I received the issues No. 196, 199 and 201 of the French magazine Tradition with the series of articles of Pierre Juhel about that battle. In general lines the articles coincide with the information given by George Nafziger and Digby Smith. However, this last author said me (in the Napoleon Series Forum) that his Data Book only shown the units really fighting in the battle, whereas Nafziger (and Juhel) show all the units present in the area.
My final decission is to use the Juhel data and the divisional Napoleon's Battles modification (1 figure/30 men and 1"/25 yds) in order to put on the table a decent number of figures. In a next post I'll present the final OOB's.
Incidentally, the main web site is again on-line but I have received an e-mail from Geocities saying that I was breaking the conditions of the hosting by using my site as a pasarel to other sites, a thing explicitely forbidden. I don't understand its statement because all websites are full of links!. However, I have written back to them because I don't know which are the ofending links. I am now waiting its answer.

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