Sunday, 30 March 2008

Russian Light Cavalry

After the failed invasion of Russia by Napoleon, the Russian army started the pursuit of the remnants of the Grande Armée towards the west. During that pursuit, the Russian Light Cavalry played a very important role. Hussars and Mounted Chasseurs were, along the omnipresent Cossacks, the forces driving the routed French and their Allies towards Poland and Germany.
I have painted the Alexandria (Aleksandriya) Hussar Regiment and the Livonian Mounted Jager Regiment. Both units formed part of the Parowoskyi Brigade in the Avant-Guard of the General-Major Lanskoi, headspearding the Winzigerode Russian force figthing in the
Battle of Kalisz.
For these units I have used the
Strelets-R sets nos. 019 and 018 corresponding to the 1813 Russian Hussars and Mounted Jagers, respectively.

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  1. Very good-looking cavalry! Nice work!

  2. Thanks... They'll fight well against the enemies of the Holy Mother Russia... :-)

  3. Hi Rafa
    Just to say again how much I enjoy looking through your blog and website. Those Streetlet Cavalry figures look great. If I was starting Napoleonics from scratch I would be tempted by all the good figures around now.

  4. Hi
    Thanks!. Napoleonic is a very colourful era. If you are in 1/72 you could try the Benno's Forum

  5. Two very nice Cavalry units there Rafa :-) I always like the style of your painting. I would say that your main site is an excellent source of reference for anyone starting the 1813 campaign, so much information and excellent paiting guide.

    What next on the painting table?