Saturday, 5 April 2008

Cavalry combat at Kalisz

The battle of Kalisz is now at its heights. The Saxon rearguard is fightins a running combat with the Russian cavalry and artillery. During the 15.00 h turn, a cavalry combat has taken place between two of the recenlty painted units: the Saxon Chevaux-Legers and the Russian Mounted Jagers.
In this occasion the Saxons routed the Russian regular cavalry unit, falling after over a Russian puilk which was also routed by the heroic cavarylmen.

Until the end of the re-fight, you can see the Scenario in the Battle of Kalisz page at the main site.


  1. Your horse are looking fantastic!

  2. Thanks!... The hussar's horses are from Strelets and the Saxon ones from Italeri...