Wednesday, 23 April 2008

The Goldberg affaire

A very busy and pleasant time in my life the past days!
In the wargaming front, I have been researching about the combat of Goldberg.
The main and first source was the Nafziger's book 'Napoleon at Dresden. The battles of August 1813' . In addition I have used other internet books:
+ Etude sur les opérations du maréchal Macdonald, du 22 août au 4 septembre 1813, la Katzbach by Gabriel Fabry
The Life and Campaigns of Field-Marshal Prince Blücher, of Wahlstatt by August Wilhelm Anton Gneisenau
Mémoires de Langeron: général d'infanterie dans l'armée russe by Gabrile Fabry
With these books I have designed a scenario for the standard Napoleon's Battles. The participating forces will be the French V and XI Corps under Lauriston (Macdonald was absent all the day) and the Prussian Yorck's and the Russian Langeron's Corps under Bluecher. On the contrary than in the actual battle, all units of these Corps will have a fighting chance!
Theres is only a small problem: I don't know the exact composition of the Langeron's advance-guard under Rudzevich, but thanks to the help of
Steven H. Smith from the Napoleon-Series Forum, I know that he commanded that day 4 battalions, 18 guns, one Cossack regiment and two Russian regular light cavalry units (6 squadrons).
Until the actual re-fight, you can watch the table-top map.


  1. WOW Rafa, looking really good.

    This may be a good scenario for three players, something always hard to come up with...

  2. Yeah... Yorck, Langeron and Lauriston.... A fourth player can be enlisted: Macdonald.... there is no trace about him during all the day. He was with Napoleon?