Tuesday, 29 April 2008

The Scenario for Goldberg is ready!

I have finished the design of a 'normal' Napoleon's Battles Scenario covering the affaire at Goldberg (see previous posts). All the forces will be available for Bluecher: I Prussian Corps and Langeron's Russian wing and for Lauriston (or Macdonald): V and XI Corps and the Chastel's 3rd Light Cavalry division.
Lauriston will act as French C-i-C but Macdonald (unlike in the actual battle) could appear to take the overall command. The Macdonald's activities during that day are not well known but he will have a chance in this re-fight.
The Scenario will use divisional batteries like the 'one-half' or 'divisional' NB modifications.
See the Scenario at the main web site:
The battle of Goldberg (1813). I expect to play it during this week-end.

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